A pack of rabid animals
Hyenas playing at being wolves
Cackling like fucking fools
It's more about power than about truth
They've been waiting for you to take the bait
So they can pounce as soon as you leave your cage
To make you think it's where you should've stayed
It's less about justice than keeping you tamed

They dig around for evidence
Like a pig snout deep in the shit in its pen
But the shit they claim is sufficient
Says less about you than it does about them
Vultures desperate to disprove
Circling above your every move
The scrutiny they subject you to
Says more about them than it does about you

These animals, they run the zoo
These animals, they run the zoo
Try to discredit and disprove
But the truth is that I believe you


from Blood Bags In Space, released August 8, 2016



all rights reserved


Blood Bags Washington, D.C.

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